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Saga is a mining consulting company located in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The company is specialized in project development at all stages of the mining life cycle.

Keeping our professional development continuously based on the market needs, our main objective is to work closely with our clients to help them overcome the challenges encountered in their mining activities. We deliver the results that meet and exceed clients' expectations. Working with our team and partners, our focus is on generating value for our clients, from exploration researches, basic engineering projects to economic analysis of the mineral assets.

We advise our clients on various phases of a mining project, always offer trusted solutions in resources estimation, mine planning, economical analysis, risk analysis and operational improvements. In addition, we provide support in procedures related to DNPM, based on the legal process that involves the mining activity in Brazil.



Geology and Resources

Geologic exploration, drill hole description and project, 3D geological modeling, resource estimation, etc.

Engineering and Reserves

Pits optimization and operationalization, mine design , sequencing of open pit and underground mines, road projects and engineering in general.

Mining processes

Research request elaboration, final and partial research report, economic exploration plan, annual mining report, etc.

Economic analysis

Estimate of CAPEX and OPEX, sustaining capital, supplier consulting, cash flow financial analysis, and sensitivity analysis.


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